Flexible Plastic Scraper

Double Bladed Plastic Squeegee

Cassette Refill

Double Blade Floor Squeegee

Grout Scrubber Broom Head

Platform Broom Head

High/Low Brush Head

Microfibre with Colour Zone Tags Mop Head

Sontara Kentucky Mop Head

Kentucky Looped Cotton Mop Head

Solid One Piece Plastic Handle

Aluminium Handle with Over Moulded Grip

Aluminium Handle with Threaded Connector

Aluminium Mop Handle

Aluminium Handle with Plastic Grip

Single Blade Floor Squeegee

Flexible Stainless Steel Scraper

Stainless Steel Scraper with Plastic Grip


Stainless Steel Scoop


Waterflow Curved Wall Brush

Waterflow Bulk Tank Brush

Solid Core Tube Brush

Tube Brush Twisted in Stainless Steel Wire

Polyester Niche Brush

Detail Brush

Enclosed Dust Pan

Polyester Flexi Scrub Brush

Double Winged Scrub Brush

Food Grade Glazing Brush Resin Set

Resin-Set Machine Brush with Hand Guard

Resin-Set Stainless Steel Hand Brush

Resin-Set Banister Brush

Resin-Set Nail Brush

Resin-Set Long Handle Brush

Resin-Set Short Handled Brush

Resin-Set Round Scrub Brush

Resin-Set Curved Scrub Brush

Resin-Set Deck Scrub Broom Head

Resin-Set Sweeping Broom Head