Cleaning products play an essential role in our daily lives at home, in school and in the office. By safely and effectively removing soils, germs and other contaminants, they prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control allergens, such as dust and mould, helping us to stay healthy. Our marketing & research team are constantly striving to provide consumers with aesthetically pleasing, high quality, well rounded products. Various ranges can be found in select retail & wholesale stores across the country.






Dishwashing Liquid

Bio-Brite Gold Automatic Washing Machine Powder

Bio-Brite Gold

Concentrated Automatic Washing Machine Powder

Bio-Brite Floor Breeze

Fragranced Neutral Floor Cleaner

Car Glo

Sparkling Car Glo

Dish Clean dishwashing liquid

Dish Clean

Dishwashing Liquid

Super Cream

Concentrated general purpose cleaning liquid

Pine D

Sparkling Pine D

Greasolve Multipurpose Degreaser



Pink Wiz

Surface Cleaner

Mop & Shine floor shine

Mop & Shine

Floor Cleaner

Bio-Brite Carpet Shampoo High Foam – Hand Wash

Bio-Brite Handwash Carpet Shampoo (High Foaming)

Bio-Brite Carpet Shampoo Low Foam – Machine

Bio-Brite Machine Carpet Shampoo (Low Foaming)

Bio-Brite Auto Concentrated Washing Powder

Bio-Brite Auto

Automatic Washing Machine Powder

Bio-Brite Fab Soft

Fabric Softener

Pine Gel multipurpose bathroom cleaner

Pine Gel

Bio-Brite Pine Gel

Blue Breeze

Concentrated air freshener Floral

Magnolia Luxury Hand and Bodywash

Luxurious Hand and Body Wash

Rooibos & Magnolia Luxury Handwash

Rooibos & Magnolia Luxury Handwash

Luxurious Herbal Handwash

Melon & cucumber bactericidal handwash

Melon & Cucumber Bactericidal Handwash

Anti-Bacterial Handwash

Rooibos Bactericidal Handwash

Rooibos Bactericidal Handwash

Anti-Bacterial Handwash