Double Bucket Trolley with Wringer

High-Back Double Bucket with Wringer Grey

Single Bucket with Wringer Grey

Single Bucket with Wringer & Bucket Divider

Microfibre Cloth 300g

Easiwipe Antibacterial Cloth

Spunlace Wave Print Cloth

Spunlace Wave Print Roll

Doodlebug Holder with Swivel Connector

Slimline Green Scouring Pad

Doodlebug Pad

Curved Pipe Brush

Cobweb Brush

Trigger Spray Bottle

Janitorial Trolley with Refuse Bag

Professional Window Cleaning Kit

Replacement Head for PROWBMED

Telescopic Waterflow Brush

End-Cone for Telepole

2/3 Piece Telepole

Window Cleaning Bucket with Castors

Vice Versa Window Washer

Window Scraper

Window Washer

Window Cleaning Squeegee

Heavy Duty Roto-Moulded Round Plastic Bucket

Rectangular Plastic Bucket Grey

1 ply Toilet Paper

Virgin 1 Ply toilet paper 48’s

Square Grey Plastic Bucket with Colour Coded Handle

Sanitary Towel Bins

Bins in stainless steel or plastic and or pedal

Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers

Aerosol for Dispenser

Air freshner aerosol – various fragrances

Air Freshner Dispenser

250ml-320ml cans

Folded Paper Towel Dispenser

Dispenser available in plastic or stainless steel

Toilet Roll Holders Lockable

Toilet roll holders lockable

Garage Roll Dispenser

Garage roll dispenser

Paper Towels

Paper towel C-fold for dispensers.

Recycled 1 ply Toilet Paper

Recycled 1 Ply toilet paper 48’s

2 ply Toilet Paper

Virgin 2 Ply toilet paper 48’s

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers

Wall Bins

Stainless steel or plastic

Long Handled Dustpan Aluminium

No whisk broom

Long Handled Dustpan

Whisk broom included

Maids Caddy Basket

Wet Floor Sign

Cleaning in progress sign

Aluminium Flat Mop with Velcro

Micro-fibre sleeve with velcro for dmf40

Break Mop Tool

Microfibre sleeve for dm40


Spraymop microfiber sleeve


Spraymop microfiber sleeve

Dust Mop Frame

Dust mop frame

Mop Clip Grey with Colour Nut

Aluminium mop handle

Hygiene Kentucky Micro-Fibre Mop Head

Hygiene Kentucky Cotton Mop Head

Contractors Mop Complete with Aluminium Handle

Urinal Screen Mats

Various fragrances